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A little about what we do.


We are coders with a vast amount of experience. We follow .NET technology and we are truly passionate about every line of code we write.

Product Development

We love creating and with our many skill sets and experience we great exceptional software products that we are proud of and enjoy.


It can't be all about work and for this reason one of our strong passions are photography - go take a picture and relax :)


Our feature project.



FineArt Albums


Cansın Soyer



A few dates we'd like to share with you.

  • June 2014

    Our First Project Kicks Off

    FotoFes is a community where we bring photographers and the public together in way that makes it easy to find beautiful photos and talented photographers!

  • September 2014

    A Company is Founded

    We have officially dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's and our company Kastim is born! Back to working on FotoFes :)

  • October 2014

    FotoFes Expected Launch

    If all goes to plan than early in October FotoFes will officially be going live and we are very excited about that! (and nervous as it's around the corner)

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Our Amazing Team

Great sense of humour and fun-loving required.

Jo-Pierre Lerm


Kadir Avcı


Since meeting in 2010 we've build a great friendship and it was clear that putting our skills together would allow us to create a fantastic working relationship.

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