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About Us

We go and find the best service providers to help you complete your task/project
by discussing all the relevant options and needs you might have

Service providers discuss with you every aspect of the tasks at hand

A quote can be prepared for you instantly and when you both agree, you can then mark the task active and your task/project begins

Providers will provide the best quality service and keep in touch with you every step of the way as they are being reviewed by you once the process is complete. Helping them on future jobs and you being a happy client.

  • You specify the criteria of what you need and where.
  • Matching providers can discuss your task and provide quotes for you to review.
  • You decide who to work with and review each other after task is completed.
  • Providers are reviewed after the task is completed, creating a trusted quality network of suppliers for everyone.

Product Features

Instant Responses

Providers are instantly notified about your task. They get in touch with you immediately to offer the service and you can discuss every aspect.

Quality Filter

We apply a score to every provider based on rating and locations before we have them get in touch with you. This allows for the best to stand out.

Make Selection

Multiple providers might match your criteria and all will make an offer to you. From your interaction or by simply reviews you make a choice.

Honest Responses

You can update the task as you progress to keep everyone in the loop of the quality of work. At the end your response becomes vital.

You specify where and what you need, and we match and notify providers

Providers are qualified and scored by all other members that used their service classified by their operating locations are captured.

This creates an environment where the best and closest provider gets matched to your task/project and you can instantly decide who to work with. Delays in response and when you need someone gets minimized as we target to your exact criteria and notifications are sent to them to get in touch with your task/project.

Planning your next task/project becomes less stressful

Prepare your list of tasks or requirements which once loaded in the app will give you better insight where you still need help.

Having everyone participate in this transparent method of request, complete, review model, everyone comes together around quality.

The ability to find your exact service provider for your next task/project becomes simplier by having lots of trusted information at hand.

An experience that is completely tracked and monitored

To have only the best service providers offer their expertise to your next task/project

Members and providers can build a strong relationship and with our app its paramount that only the best quality and response times are maintained.

Once a job is completed, references to the quality of work can be displayed to other members by taking a photo or leaving a comment/review about the work that was done. Great providers will have a portfolio that encourages users to select them for their next task/project.

Quote Builder and Invoice Generator

Our Quote Builder and Invoice Generator, makes it easy to quote on tasks for your client. When the job is complete instantly generate your invoice and it is sent to the client.

Allowing you to get paid easier and move on to your next job. This is an important part of the small business service provider to minimize admin and response times for jobs.

Fast access to your list of invoices sent to clients making it much easier to follow up invoices that's been sent and compare with payments.

Start a Task/Project, or Join as a Service Provider

To join this network, all you have to do is join and add your criteria or list your services

More Features

We thought to share a couple of the features that's also availble with you

Time Saver

With service providers subscribing to many criteria, they will instantly be aware of your task/project and be notified the second you mark it as active.

Contacts/Favourites List

Keep a contact list of all your favourite providers that you may or may not have work with giving you easy access to them for a similar task/project in the future.


Give credit where due. Our providers would love to know what you enjoyed and perhaps not so much about your experience with them.

Conversations and Discussions

Conversations with a provider from your task/project is kept and easily accessible if you need to reference something that was previously discussed.

Quote Builder

As a service provider you can build an instant quote with your logo and send it to the client on the task to make it easier to work with you.

Invoice Generator

Once your active task is complete, as a service provider you can instantly generate your invoice and have it sent to the client.

Pricing - Find Service Providers

Create a task to find your perfect provider.

Pricing - Offer Your Service

As a service provider, simply choose which package best suits your service level


R0 month

  • Work on 1 Active Task *
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • Mobile App
  • Quote Builder
  • Invoice Generator
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Medium Business

R200 month

  • Work on 20 Active Tasks *
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • Mobile App
  • Quote Builder
  • Invoice Generator
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Pay As You Service

R20 per task

  • Work on purchased Task
  • Add Multiple Locations
  • Mobile App
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* Definition:
Active Task : When a client posts a new task, and provider accepts this task to work on, the user accepts this provider and marks the task as active, it will retain this status until the client marks the task as completed. Depending on the package, service providers can decide how many of these active tasks they can service or work on at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the typical questions we thought you might need help with

  • Open the installed mobile app and you simply click on the "I need a ..." button and select the category for plumbing, choose on the map where you need this and then Post. This will instantly send a notification to all matched plumbers. They submit a request to work with you and you decide to Accept / Reject and your "Task" is underway. Once completed you mark it as such and simply leave a review of the work done.

  • Open the installed mobile app and you simply click on the "I am a ..." button and follow the instructions. You will create your service profile by selecting the relevant category (eg. Plumbing) and add the locations you operate in. This will allow us to monitor any requests that come in for your service profile. You will see a list of the current requests users posted and you can submit yourself to those to work on. Any new requests that are posted once you have set up your profile will instantly send a you notification to come and look at those requests.

  • Each task that you work on is considered "Active" when you and a client have agreed to work together. As per the package you decided to purchase, you will have a specific number of "Active" tasks to work on. When a task is completed, you will be allowed to again work on a task that could become "Active". Eg. If you have a package with 1 Active Task, and you are a plumber and see a task that matches your criteria. You submit yourself to work on this task and the client is notified to review and decide to work with you. This task is then marked as Active. Once your plumbing job is completed, the client mark it as such and this "1 Active Task" is available again for you to find a next task to work on.

  • In the event that such an scenario occurs, the service provider will be able to request that current task be marked as completed. If the client does not respond within 2 days, the task will automatically be set as completed. If the client responds within these 2 days however if they rejected the close request, a dispute can be opened where both parties can state their case. The task will be marked as completed but both parties will get an "Open Dispute" indicator next to their public profiles. The dispute will need to be resolved externally and both parties can then mark the dispute as Resolved/Unresolved. We are not responsible for either parties' action and only provide a matching service.

  • For this reason we have created the "Pay As You Service" option. This is a non-refundable purchase and will be available on your account for the duration of your membership if you haven't used it on a task.

  • We accept debit and credit cards for purchases. We never ask or store your credit information. You will be redirect to a third-pary payment website called PayGate. PayGate is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Payment Gateway. PayGate was established in 1999, with more than 15 years of consistent payment services delivery, they've have developed into a global Payment Service Provider known as the pioneer of Africa and with satisfied clients on 5 continents, accepting online payments worldwide.

  • Look for the Profile link in the app. You will then be able to find the Account Settings where you can go to Close Account. This will immediately stop all Active Tasks and you will not pay for anything further. If you had any purchased Pay As You Service tasks that was unused, those will be forfeited. Any client that was working with you will be notified that you longer provide your service.


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